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Innovation is at the heart of all enterprise. Our inter-disciplinary approach to learning focuses on the digital canvas of possibilities - making digital devices, getting them to talk to each other and then developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms from the data gathered by these devices. A canvas which offers infinite opportunities for innovation.

Our Courses


AGES : 13+

"Make to Learn" smart lights, gas detectors, intrusion detection systems, heartbeat sensors, robots and ... using Arduino UNO microprocessor, sensors and responders like lights and motors.  

A total of 8 Projects will keep you engrossed and  challenge  your creativity.

Play, have fun and Learn !   


AGES : 14+

"Make to Learn" how to get your digital devices to talk to each other, control them using remotes, mobile and even from your own web site ... using Bluetooth, GPRS, Wi-fi, Radios, GSM...

A total of 8 Projects will keep you plugged - in. 

Play, have fun and Learn!


AGES : 15+

'Make to Learn' the essentials of Artificial Intelligence through Weather Prediction, Face recognition, Emotion detection, chat-bots... using Prediction and Classification Algorithms. 

A total of 8 Projects will keep you thinking and imagining.

Play, have fun and Learn!. 

We are invested in your learning

What you learn

Digital Technologies which play a central role in "Industry 4.0" - the next industrial revolution.

How do you learn

Project based learning, at your own pace and convenience. And opportunities, through Challenge Projects, to write  your own story. 

Where does it take you

Towards your own Inventions and Innovations which can be useful for you and your family.  

From the Community ...


Curious Cat
I have always admired the concept of Make2Learn. At maekers.com, I got to practice just this, making me not only enjoy the process but also really understand what I learnt. Overall, an amazing learning experience. I only wish I could have done it earlier!


Wild (life) Photographer
The Projects you create can be put to practical use. After every project we also get an extra "self-project" where you will apply the concepts by yourself. However, you can take your time to make them. This is a "Must Recommend" for all ages.


Not always Saracastic
I was intrigued by the idea that we can learn without having to mug up information. I really liked the idea of Challenge Projects with all the freedom to access whatever I need.  After all, life is not a closed book test. 

Propel the future...

Unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills by exploring the exciting world of Digital Devices, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Join a course today and be at the forefront of innovation!
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