Meet our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula.


Content Designer
She thinks in 3-D and generally does not like Strategists. She does all the rich media for our courses,  specifically 3D modelling and rendering. She brings out details which do not exist.


Like all Strategists, he talks a lot and does far less. That's why we are a large team. But maybe he has got something right - what with his 4 global patents in Artificial Intelligence.


Expert - Critical Thinking
"Prasad" is God's gift to mankind. He smells faulty and deceptive arguments like... We are full of that and hence our conversations are minimal. Prasad gave a form and shape to this entire idea.


Rakesh does not believe in face2face communication. For him it's all about Zoom, Slack or Telegram. Give him APIs - restful or wildly active and he is peaceful and contented. He lives at


Experience Designer
Riya figures out customer intent, possible journeys and call to action. Sometimes, she gets the intent all wrong but you dare not argue with her. We like her, we respect her and no, we are not afraid of her.


Expert - Design Thinking
His obsession with the Customer is so unreal that sometimes we wonder if he knows that we exist too. We thought Thinkers were Thinkers till he told us about Design Thinking. And that set us thinking...

We are Professionals, we are Thinkers, we are Strategists.

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