Make: Digital Devices 


   AGE: 13+

Why Digital Devices are important?

Look around you. There are smart lights which switch on when it is dark and switch off when it is bright,  security systems which can detect a break-in through the doors or which can detect the presence of a human being inside a room. Remote controlled devices like air-conditioners, TVs and even coloured lights where you can adjust the colour, the warmth and even the intensity of the lights.

Step outside your home and into your car. Cars where the doors open up with a remote, wipers start working the moment there is rain, headlights switch on when you enter the basement, airbags are armed only when there is a passenger in the seat, the volume of the car-audio increases with the speed of the car compensating for the increased running noise. Drive into a shopping mall where indicator lights will point out a vacant parking space. get details about a product by scanning its QR code, pay using your mobile phones on a contactless payment terminal and walk out of the mall through doors which open automatically, allowing you to comfortably hold all the goodies you just bought.

Drones flying around not just for wedding shoots, but also spraying vast fields of agricultural crops, identifying cracks in a concrete dam or transporting a live heart from a donor to an eagerly waiting patient.All this and more is made possible because of Digital Technologies - which go far beyond e-commerce web sites, e-mail, chat and web conferencing applications.

This new world is the world of "PHYSICAL COMPUTING" and we will help you make Digital Devices you never imagined or thought you will make, learn in an exciting and engaging environment where all learning material is always open and accessible to you at all times, interact with industry experts who are making the next generation of devices and cars and medical diagnostic and treatment systems.

Join this world. We will be with you and make this world a better place to live in ! 

What you will do

You will begin with understanding your Microprocessor, Arduino UNO followed by setting up your computer and an online development environment.
You will then write, execute and run your first Sketch.

Smart Light
Automatically switch on the lights when it is dark and turn them off in the morning when it becomes bright.
This Project uses an Arduino UNO, an LDR, and a digital white LED.
All this and more is currently available to you at an introductory price of just Rs. 1,500 - this includes all taxes and shipping in India.
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