What is the Buddy Kit ?

If you have a friend who has already bought the complete Kit of Make: Digital Devices, guess what ? You can share the Kit with your friend AND also have your own online account on our Learning Platform for just Rs 9000. Yes, just Rs 9000. This way, you will have your own Identity and have full access to personalised support, your own highlights and notes and of course, your own "Certificate" at the end of the Course.

Of course, we will ship you a "Buddy Kit" which will contain all commonly used Materials, Tools and Accessories, so that all you have to borrow from your friend is the "Project Box" which contains project specific Materials. 

Yes, my friend has bought the Complete Kit !

It's good to have friends!

Here is what you do:

1. Ask your friend for a "BUDDY CODE" which he would have received by e-mail. In case, the "BUDDY CODE" has expired, ask your friend to email info@maekers.com and request another code. Once you have received the "BUDDY CODE" from your friend, do not share the code with anyone else and proceed to the next step.

2. During Sign-up, please enter the "BUDDY CODE" and continue with the payment for the "Buddy Kit" to get your own personal account.

3. Your account will be activated instantly and the "Buddy Kit" will reach you within a week.

4. Please remain as "Buddies" with your friend. 

What you will get in your "Buddy Kit"

The "Buddy Kit" consists of 2 boxes of materials:

Box 1: The Microprocessor and its Accessories

- Arduino UNO SMD (Qty: 1)
- USB-A to USB-B cable for connecting the Arduino UNO to your PC (Qty: 1)
- 9V Battery (Qty: 1)
- Cable with barrel adaptor to power the Arduino UNO with your 9V Battery (Qty: 1)

Box 2: Common Materials

Electronics Tools, Wires and Accessories,consisting of
- Multimeter- Model no. DT830D (Qty: 1)
- Jumper Wires - 40 Male to Male, 40 Male to Female, 40 Female to Female
- 400 points Breadboard (Qty: 1)
- 170 points Breadboard (Qty: 2)
- Screwdriver - double sided (Qty: 1)

Creative Material, consisting of:)
- Translucent paper (Qty: 1)
- Red transparent paper (Qty: 1)
- Double sided tape (Qty: 1)
- Paper cutter (Qty: 1)
- White glue (Qty: 1)
- Steel scale (Qty: 1)
- Coloured Popsicle sticks (Qty: 1 set)
- 3M Scotch Magic Tape (Qty: 1)
- Scissors (Qty: 1)

Box 3: Shipping Box

Creative Material, consisting of:
- 3 ply corrugated cardboard
- Coloured A4 sheets (Qty: 1 set) 

What you will get from your Friend

You will take from your Friend:

1. Project specific components for all the 12 Projects
2. Common Accessories for Robotics - for Projects 11 and 12

Start Learning !

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